Structure of Theses and Dissertations

There is no way you can write a thesis or dissertation without following the correct format. If you make any mistake, you will have to forget about graduation. No institution will allow you to graduate if you write a shitty paper; it cannot happen; rain comes sunshine. For your writing to be approved, there are crucial elements that you should consider. When including the details, you have to ensure that you correctly arrange them. If you make any mistake in the arrangement part, you are still in the wrong place.

  1. Title Page

It should come first before fail because it introduces your paper. There is no way you can put the title page in the middle or at the back. Ensure that it comes first if you want to be on the right track.

  1. Committee Page

It has to come second and should have the names of examining and supervisory members. There should be no signatures. Be careful not to include it in the contents because it is not supposed to be there.

  1. Abstract

The abstract is majorly a summary of your work. It is a part where most readers focus, so you have to ensure that you do your best. It brings out the problem, the conclusions, and many more. It is a small section that will not affect if you include any form of graphs or tables. You have to ensure that your words do not exceed 350. If you want to write it correctly, ensure that you include relevant points only and leave out the irrelevant ones.

  1. Lay Summary

It is a simplified part that tells more about the goals and essence of your paper. There is no need to include technical terms in this part. You have to ensure that your words do not pass 150. If you make the mistake of writing more stories, you will be ruining your chances of having a standard paper.

  1. Preface

It must show your contribution to certain things;

  • The identity and design of the paper
  • Performance of individual sections of the piece
  • Analysis of the data.
  1. Table of Contents

There is no way you can submit your work without this part. It shows how you have arranged your work and gives the reader an easy time checking any part without wasting time.

  1. List of Tables

You have to include all the tables in your work here.

  1. List of Figures

If, in any case, your work has figures, you have to include all of them here. If there are no figures, then there is no need.

  1. List of Illustrations

If, in any case, you do away with copyright tables, figures, and many more, you have to ensure that you include the following in those particular spots;

  • A statement that shows that you have removed the material due to the copyright restrictions
  • You have to show a description of that material and all the information it had
  • You have to cite the place where the info can get accessed
  1. Acknowledgments

You can include this part if you want. If you feel it is right to acknowledge everyone that contributed to your work, then you have a chance. If you have nothing to write here, do not stress yourself.

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