Tips to assist you select dissertation topics

Selecting a dissertation topic can prove a challenge since it is a significant piece of scholarly work that accounts for academic credits for either postgraduate or undergraduate courses, so select wisely. Whether you are a student focusing your ideas on a dissertation topic or preparing for a future program, discover tips for choosing an excellent dissertation topic.

Choose an interesting topic

The dissertation topic you select will take weeks or months to finish, so settle for something interesting to you. We emphasize again that you choose a subject that is exciting that will keep you inspired for those weeks or months. Probably you would want to focus on a topic that comes from your field of knowledge or a subject in a different module in your course inspires you. Irrespective of your dissertation topic’s enthusiasm, it will be a journey full of fun if you are passionate about the issue. We also recommend selecting a subject area that will assist you in your future career aspirations. It will grand you a more in-depth mastering of your area of expertise while giving you extra strength when authoring your future job applications.

Choose a unique topic

It is essential to select a distinct topic for your dissertation or project to ensure that you have a chance to conduct your investigation and arrive at conclusions. However, getting a unique subject area to investigate is rarely possible, but you can approach a studied area from a different perspective. Alternatively, you can develop a distinct idea from a narrow topic that much research has not gone into.

Do not be too ambiguous

A research or dissertation project is an intelligently written scholarly piece of work. Every sentence ought to donate to the building of research or opinions, and the entire job should conform to the prescribed structure. Choosing a broad subject area would be a tall order to investigate, given the word count restrictions, and it becomes hard to make concise conclusions.

Do not be too focused

Whereas your supervisor will advise you to be concise, your paper will need to satisfy the prescribed word count. Concentrating on a narrow question or topic will make you tussle to enlarge your opinions and come up with sound and logical conclusions, in your proposal, to pause questions that require no or yes answer because it will limit you.


Investigating your topic is the surest way to make sure that you are selecting the correct subject matter. Consider the available time at your disposal before you make the final submission. It will enable you to know whether you have adequate resources to finish within the remaining time and enlarge your ideas to bolster your position.

Be objective

Loving an entertaining subject area or topic early in your research is secure, and this might hinder you from seeing its disadvantages. It is essential to be truthful about the scope of your subject area. Think about your topic and examine it from the outsider’s point of view to ensure that pushing a weak idea. If you are well organized, you will have a lot of time to discuss another topic.

Seek help from your supervisor

Your supervisor is your guide and mentor in your dissertation writing. They will help you address all your fears, whether small or big. Your supervisor probably has experience in helping other students on how to choose a topic. You can also get an informal supervisor online at Thesis Helpers, who will guide you through writing or provide you with high-quality proofreading services after you finish the dissertation.

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