How to visually determine the length of your paper

Plenty of questions can crop to your mind when you start thinking of how long specific word counts prove. When you write your dissertation, thesis or any other scientific paper, you should be able to determine the length of paper sections properly. So how many pages can 300 words entail? How about the length of time reading or writing such a piece? The questions can eat you up, especially if you need to write or read such a piece and feel lazy. So how can you tell the length of such word counts?

Guideline to Visually Determine the Length of Word Counts

So you have these niggling questions eating your mind up concerning word counts and the approximate length such word counts can equate to visually. It becomes necessary to learn the art of making estimates. For instance, a 300-word document represents about 2/3rds of your page when double-spaced and viewed visually.  

The Period it takes to Write and Read Specific Word Counts

300 Words

  • Writing a 300-worded article. Three hundred words take approximately twenty to a hundred and twenty minutes of writing based on the ability level, quickness, and comprehension of the subject in question.
  • Averagely, reading a 300-worded document takes an average of forty-five seconds or one minute to read based on the reader’s speed and ability.

600 Words

  • Visually, a 600-worded document represents about one 1/3rds of your page. It comes about when it utilizes single spacing. However, when you use double spacing, it will represent about two 2/3rds of your page.
  • Writing of a 600-worded text will require a period spanning forty minutes to around two-hundred and forty minutes based on the writer’s speed and consciousness.
  • Similarly, a 600-worded text will take an approximate reading period of one to two minutes based on the reader’s speed.

1000-Worded Text

  • Visually, a 1000-worded text approximates two 1/3rds of your page. It comes about when you factor in the use of single spacing. However, when using double spacing, the pages can translate to four in total.
  • The 1000-worded Text will take you from about seventy to four-hundred minutes of writing to complete based on your writing speed and research capacity.
  • The same 1000 words will take you about one minute, seven seconds, to about three minutes, five seconds to read based on your reading speed.

1200-Worded Text

  • A 1200-worded text visually represents two 2/3rd of your page when using single spacing and about five 1/3rd pages when using double spacing.
  • Writing a 1200-worded text will take you about ninety to four-hundred and eighty minutes based on how you write. Writing can come as a conscious stream or writing while doing extra research.
  • Reading a similar volume of 1200 words will take you about two minutes to around four minutes twenty-five seconds based on your reading speed.

1800-Worded Text

  • Visually, the 1800-worded Text takes about four pages when using single spacing, while it takes eight pages when using double spacing.
  • Writing a similar Text volume will take you about a hundred and twenty to six-hundred minutes based on your writing mechanism.
  • Reading an 1800-worded text will take you about three to five minutes based on your reading speed.

Important facts about estimates include the following

Visual estimates. You can use a combination of 8.5 inches by 11inch paper besides Gotham font in guessing the visual estimate.

Length of writing. You can use a combination of your experience besides the estimates of the fine people at

Length of reading. Try and use a synthesis derived from the diverse estimates in Nelson Brett’s article.


Estimating the different word count length parameters can prove pivotal in gauging your efficiency, primarily when you work on dissertations and scientific papers or have a job in the writing and editing field. So in case you experience difficulties estimating your writing and reading speeds besides the visual lengths of diverse word counts, consider the discussed.

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